Boy, 26, blames YouTube for 'radicalizing' him

NY Times demands more censorship after a sad tale of a 26 year old boy who lacked the agency to make his own viewing choices.

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  1. The more radical the prog left becomes, the more the prog left media projects that the right is radical. It has reached the point now that even the feeble minds can see the truth. No one believes a thing the leftist in media and academia say anymore. They all just play along telling everyone that the emperor is wearing beautiful new clothes for fear of the outrage mob they are in turning on them if they dissent in the slightest.

  2. There are far-right channels on youtube, but not any of those. PhillipDeFranco? He's literally the most PC, level headed news channel (as far as I know), still far-right. I guess people voicing their opinions and being popular is far-right nazism. And 26? Boy? Well if he blames youtube for being racist, homophobic, transphobic, and whatnot, he's a 26-year-old boy.

  3. Ben Shapiro radicalized me. I kept going down a dark path looking at that man's videos. I only realized how insane Ben was when he suggested developing a virus that only targeted black people. A truly twisted individual.

  4. Oh an alt liter poof who never cared about anything more than his personal fame flipped for positive media attention. Color me clowned 🤡

  5. If these companies had balls, they'd use the gay version of their logo in India (where I live) on gay pride month. But no, people aren't that open to homosexuals here, so they'd never use it, but in America land? Of course, they would, it's so controversial and unconventional for companies to do that in America land, and companies using rainbow logos really helps gay people because they're oppressed, and it people oppress minorities and woohoo gay power. Sex sells used to be the thing, but now pandering to homosexuals sells? It's almost like companies are being companies and doing the safest thing and having a gay logo isn't so controversial, unconventional or daring as the media wants us to think. It's almost as if companies care about nothing but money.

  6. We let these people into our country, and, now they try to steal it from us by using our own rules against us. Hey, white people: we’re the only ones buying this diversity garbage! Let’s band together, for once!

  7. What we see with the NYT is the same propaganda that the "uh ums" use all the time, propaganda. And the corrupt leftists in government go right along with it until fascism or its marginally eviler twin sister communism (a product of uh ums) is in power.

  8. Hard-left, white-hating racist scumbucket at the NYTimes, Sarah Jeong, is actually Korean rather than Chinese, but tomayto/tomawto, Chicom/Nork. But didn't the lying Times recently run a front-page antisemitic cartoon depicting a blind Pres. Trump being led by a Jewish Netanyu (?sp) seeing-eye dachshund? Commie propaganda is fit only for use as toilet paper or the lining of birdcages.


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