Atheists & Christians KILLED in Refugee Camp

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  1. The Europeans  are allowing their country to be destroyed by the Socialists who are flooding their countries with low IQ morons and terrorist Muslims. The Socialist Democrats are and have been doing the same thing to the USA. Unlimited illegals and bringing the very enemy of our country , the stinking Muslims scum into it to destroy the American nation. Anyone voting for Democrats are voting to destroy their country, they are TRAITORS and should be treated as such.

  2. ISIS is a CIA creation in collaboration with Mossad. Current mass immigration is caused by Zionist agents trying to facilitate the NWO. Help me usurp the plan. Help me change its polarity from evil to good. Only the Davidic monarch can do this.

  3. All viewers today so far almost 46 000, each gives $1, expected rate to grow as it's just been uploaded, by the day after tomorrow, these journalists will be able to cover their costs and have their deserved and earned living on top of that, I feel like gaining $250k should be no problem if every viewer gave at least $ 1-2 in the next few days. But don't stop there, they will always have more work and future costs to cover.

  4. If these European nations want to save themselves they will expel every Islamic migrant who has illegally entered their country and send them packing back to their fucking shitholes they left so that they can build them up. And eventually enter into a modern world.

  5. hm … it is good to see people voting with their valet, her donation page gets a lot of attention. At this rate, she will be able to announce a release date soon …

  6. ISLAMIC ENTITLEMENT: Muslims are the BEST of allah's creation, everyone else is worthless, except as slaves for the MUSLIMS! Lauren, you and your team are VERY brave.

  7. I wish you the best of success in this venture, but at this time I am currently seeking a half million in investor funding for my project thank frankly is going to sweep the entire planet in the way people think of mobile service. And once my venture is successful, I will dedicate more time to freedom fighting and activism when I can actually afford to purchase a voice people will actually listen to. Frankly, money is much better in my hands right now than anybody else, But maybe you can get funding for your project from the thousands of other people (not me) to finish borderless as this I important too. I support this project in spirit.

  8. Great job Lauren.
    1. the Government/the intelligent Agencies, special the Agencies who create and manage the ISIS know EVERYTHING !!!
    – the camp is little far away from the " refugees" route. The Leftist and the NGOs have not a profit from this camp– they don't give a care.
    2. Lauren why you do not make a Book about borderless?
    – It will help your project:
    – Finance, Publicity
    This thematic " Borderless " is important. Ask/contact Mrs Ann Coulter. She has over 12 bestsellers. She talks about the Mex/USA border for years. She has a lot of experience in writing/publishing a Book. Maybe you can both write a book. I will try to show your work to Ann Coulter.…0.0..0.85.707.10……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i67j0j35i39j0i10j0i203j0i10i203.RPsYljKUvIQ

  9. I keep seeing Muslims blaming terrorism on sudi Muslims, watch chasing bin laden they go undercover in a Pakistani mosque and it's the same thing preaching for jehad it's time government,s and lefties woke up and read ALL there holy books as it explains why they want to cause caos,

  10. We are indeed in the last days and entering the times of the Great Tribulation. Things are progressing at a rapid pace as the birth pains of a pregnant woman about to give birth. Everything is proceeding as prophecied concerning the Islamic Jihad which has been going on since Muhammad started it 1400 years ago. Next up is the coming world ruler … the anti-Christ and world-wide persecution of Christians, then the return of the Messiah. The way things are going, Christ will return in "this generation" as Jesus prophesied, and early and present Cnristians believe. ARE YOU READY?

  11. I am Greek and a student in the center of Athens. First I have to clarify Greeks in general are not fascist people. BUT it isn't surprising to me at all to me that the police does not care about those refugees being attacked in those camps. The same police does nothing about the criminals right in the doors of my university, they are MANY and they have been shooting their stuff, sleeping, selling, smoking those things right in the public eye, for more than a year now, and I haven't seen this issue not even in the news. And of course it is fucking dangerous! So many diseases, so many drug addicts that would do anything for their dose, Ive seen so many crazy people high, yelling at no one, doing crazy stuff, they are scary. And they have access to the university, and no teacher or principal or anyone can do shit about that, because there is this fucking stupid law existing in Greece, that inside universities, no police is ever allowed. Yes it makes TOTALLY no sense.

  12. I live in Greece and I didn't even know about this! The news here never show anything negative against the "refugees". If it wasn't for this video I would never know what is truly happening there. We are doomed. We can't take action because we are not even being informed on what's being happening in our country. Our own government is trying to censor and silence anything negative.

  13. Why do we europeans have to take care of all migrants like a kindergarten. Many of them feels entitled to just come here and collect welfare and free stuff.


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