#485 ALABAMA ABORTION LIES DEBUNKED! | Ben Shapiro Guests | Louder with Crowder

Talking all things ‘Arthur’ wedding, free bikes for fat people, meth Legos, and covering media’s Alabama abortion lies. Ben Shapiro talks his new book and the BBC “interview,” Bill Richmond sits third chair!

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Comment (44)

  1. Heck I didn’t know who Andrew Neil was and I live in Britain, neither did most of my friends. Plus our ‘conservatives’ are different to America’s conservatives. I think he did the right thing walking out.

  2. The gay activists turning a anime character into a gay icon to "normalise" something already everybody don't care is weird, i hope we won't see NAMBLA using the same process in the future.

  3. I'm watching this as I take a 6 hour car drive So I went ahead and listen to Michael Knowles recent 45 minute Podcast that was the advertisement as soon as the advertisement was over I got hit with another advertisement lol

  4. Abortion last year was voted in by over 70% of the Irish population..(hard to believe) and up to birth… 4 months in to the culling and today we learn a child was aborted as the parents were told by doctors that their baby had fatal fetal abnormalities… but when the body was tested they admitted it was medical mistake and the baby actually didn’t have any abnormalities…

  5. Pro abortion erm I mean pro-choice, you had a chance to compromise. You could have made a clause for rape, incest, life of the mother, and syndrome/deformed babies; but you crossed your arms and pouted.

  6. The blood thirsty Left have pulled our country so far in that direction, I believe its WAY past time to course correct.
    No compromise, go ALL THE WAY! If we dont, we end up left of center in every instance til eventually…..

  7. So I can never really tell if it’s a joke or not. Why would Crowder allow Muhammad Bin Salam to sponsor his show?! Can anyone clarify if it is indeed a joke?

  8. You can’t prosecute a women for a miscarriage, intentionally or not or giving herself an abortion. Or crossing state lines to get abortion. Only the third party member administering the abortion. And if there is police report filed you can obtain an abortion after six weeks for incest or rape and if the health of the mother or life is at risk. I’ve had the most fun on Facebook lately having conversations about this. Add me: Jesse Shane collins if you want to be a part of the conversation. I’ve actually changed people’s mind that we’re very upset by my defense of the bill, and now they’re posting articles saying women can’t be imprisoned and are seeking out to read the bill themselves… never thought I’d see that!

  9. I need the right to abortion! What if I get drunk and get preggers through spontaneous bathroom sex? What if I get drunk and really like that fly guy at the bar on a Saturday night? What if I get drunk on wine night with my friend's brother who I'd usually never touch but I had an itch that night? Do you want to take away my right to not have to be the gatekeeper to my vajayjay? Responsibility is for old people! Everyone on TV gets to have fun! You oppressors!

  10. If we can outlaw abortion is federally at all stages I will be fine with the government buying birth control for any and all women in the United States. I will compromise. Not that the left will.

  11. Missouri Just passed thier heartbeat bill and the local media here is losing their minds! Every day since the local news tries doing their leftist smear campiagn.

  12. I have a question for other mug club members. I joined mug club bc I love the show and wanted to support it anyway I could. However I hear there is a “daily show” of some kind but I’m not sure where to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or is there no daily show?

  13. Seems like no one ever talks about adoption as being an alternative. Is there something that makes adoption so difficult that Im unaware of? I mean other then the obvious of having to carry the baby to term.


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